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The AirSpade Excavation Tool

Airspade excavation tool

The Air Spade air-excavation tool makes it easy to safely and easily dig out buried utility lines and other obstacles. Developed for utility workers, landscapers, and arborists, this excavation tool can help you get the job done quickly and safely. The AirSpade can easily dig holes up to a foot deep. And because it’s a lightweight machine, you can easily maneuver it from one area to another.

Utility AirSpade 4000 air-excavation tool

The utility AirSpade 4000 air-exavation tool is the safest and fastest way to dig around underground utilities. It utilizes compressed air to create a laser-like jet, moving at twice the speed of sound. Its insulated barrel protects you from electrical and other utility lines while you work. Designed with safety in mind, the Utility AirSpade 4000 air-excavation tool has all the safety features a professional needs.

Unlike traditional methods of soil excavation, the Utility Airspade 4000 air-excavations tool is safe to use. Its patented supersonic nozzle transforms compressed air into a high-speed laser jet, dislodging soil in a fraction of a second. This jet also avoids damaging stronger materials, making it a safer alternative to conventional methods.


The Utility Airspade 4000 series is an air-excavation tool designed with safety in mind. Its patented supersonic nozzle and high-voltage insulated barrel provide the maximum level of safety when working near underground utilities. This high-performance tool also features a thermally-insulated handle and multiple length extensions. It uses a 185-cfm tow-behind air compressor for maximum safety and ease of use.

Its ergonomic design reduces musculoskeletal stress and maximizes operator comfort. The lightweight aluminum and fiberglass construction minimizes operator fatigue and provides superior thermal protection. Its dead-man trigger automatically cuts off the air supply when the operator releases it. AIR-SPADE continues to refine the design of this tool through laboratory testing and mathematical modeling. This is the only tool on the market that incorporates all these features.

This tool is the perfect solution when you need to excavate soil without destroying underground utilities or damaging tree roots. Using compressed air, the Airspade dislodges compacted soils without damaging underground utility lines or cables. The tool is also extremely efficient, allowing users to excavate large volumes of material in a matter of seconds. The lightweight fiberglass gun and nozzle make it safe for contractors and homeowners alike.


An Airspade is a unique digging tool that allows the user to quickly and easily dig up soil around underground objects. It works by using compressed air to blast off the dirt surrounding underground objects, eliminating the need for picks and shovels that can damage the soil. The AIR-SPADE is lightweight, with a barrel design that weighs less than five pounds, and operates at 60 cfm. Airspade is a brand of air-excavation tools that has been around for 30 years.

The utility AirSpade 4000 Series is the industry standard for air-excavation tools and is able to dig twice as fast as other tools on the market. Its supersonic nozzle generates a laser-like jet that enables it to dig twice as fast as conventional hand digging tools. The patented supersonic nozzle is made of non-sparking Nickle Aluminum Bronze and Brass components, which protect the user from electrical shocks while on the job site. The lightweight and ergonomic handle is designed to minimize operator fatigue, while still providing maximum jobsite safety.


An airspade is a pneumatic excavation tool that uses compressed air to lift soil. They are safe to use around sensitive objects such as trees. They allow you to expose tree roots without damaging them. By contrast, traditional mechanical excavation tools can damage or destroy tree roots. Among the ways you can use an airspade is to dig a trench and look for tree roots or to install utilities through the root system. However, if you accidentally damage a protected tree, you could be fined the same amount as you would for unauthorized pruning.

The Air-Spade is available in two models. The Standard Arbor Kit comes with a 150 cfm nozzle and a four-foot barrel. It also includes an ergonomic handle, a 45-degree angled adapter, a ten-foot comfort hose, and a storage case with lock. It is a powerful tool that helps you complete a variety of tasks faster and more efficiently than using a pick and shovel.

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