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How to Decorate With Western Home Decor

how to decorate with western home decor

There are many ways to decorate with western home decor. The most popular choices are handwoven wall baskets, leather, and stone. While some people find skulls disturbing, they can add a unique and modern Western flair to your home. Incorporate a longhorn skull into your living room for a Western twist. Alternatively, you can display a stuffed cow skull and flower arrangements around it. Regardless of your style, you’re sure to find something to match. Checkout


To add some western home decor to your living room or dining room, you can use antlers. Deer antlers look great tossed in a bowl with a bunch of candle holders of the same color. Alternatively, you can place your antlers in a decorative bowl on your table and surround them with moss balls. If you want to add some western home decor to your kitchen, you can also use a large bowl and arrange the antlers in it.

If you want a more dramatic look, try hanging large deer antlers over the entrance door or above the headboard in the bedroom. Make sure that they are high enough to keep out of the way. If you have a large room with high ceilings, you can place a pair of antlers over the doorway, but make sure that they are secured to the wall with studs. A wall gallery effect is also possible with a large deer antler.


If you want to create a wild-west vibe in your home, you can use rustic and western-themed accessories. You can hang a hand-tooled leather harness on your coat rack or layer a cowhide rug beneath a soft suede accent chair. Adding touches of cowboy hats and accessories on the walls will help create the perfect western-themed space. You can even add cowboy accessories like hats and saddles to your home’s decor.

For a truly authentic Western look, you can use cowboy hats and leather-wrapped pillows. You can also add a rustic-chic chandelier made of antlers and a leather couch with fringed edges. You can also find a variety of candles that complement this look. Adding them to your coffee table or bookshelf is a great way to complete the look. If you don’t have a cowboy-themed bedroom, you can use various candlesticks of different heights on your living room’s shelves.


Stone western home decor brings rustic, country style to your home. This style combines rustic western decor with modern elements, such as wood flooring and an animal skin rug. You can also add a chandelier made of antlers or other decorations inspired by wildlife. If you want to add a modern touch to your decor, consider adding antler chandeliers or a western wall mural. Adding a cowhide rug or antler chandelier can complete the look.

A fireplace is another great way to add Western flair to your home. A hand-tooled leather harness on your coat rack will look great tucked inside your home. Or, layer a cowhide rug under a soft suede accent chair to give your entryway a Western feel. It’s easy to add a touch of Western home decor by incorporating small accents. If you’re looking to buy an entire fireplace, a stone surround is a great place to start.

Handwoven wall baskets

If you’re looking for a unique way to add wall decor to your western home decor, consider handwoven wall baskets. This unique art form can be used to add both texture and pattern to a room. A unique wall accent in your living room or foyer will make an amazing style statement. Handwoven wall baskets feature patterns that vary from plain to ornate. The colors and textures in these baskets are sure to be a conversation piece.

Whether you’re looking for rustic accents for your country home or want to add some western style to your home, you’re bound to find a wall basket that matches your taste. Handwoven baskets by Made Terra are made of jute, which means they don’t contain harmful chemicals and don’t have odors or splinters. Their beautiful design and flawless craftsmanship make them a wonderful choice for a western home decor.

Southwestern-inspired terra cotta pots

If you’re looking for a unique way to accent your living room with a little southwest flair, consider hanging miniature terra cotta vases. These pots are just as intricate as larger ones and are a testament to the skilled Mexican potters. If you love succulents but aren’t sure where to start, terra cotta hanging pots are the perfect solution.

Southwestern decor features earthy color palettes that mimic the climate and pay homage to the materials used by Indigenous tribes. You can add splashes of vibrant color with copper and brass accents. Remember to layer textures to create an interesting, eye-catching effect. For the ultimate Southwestern effect, use several different terra cotta pots in various sizes and shapes. While you’re at it, choose a collection with a contrasting color scheme.

Southwestern-inspired rugs

For a rustic and earthy look, consider adding a southwestern-inspired rug to your home. These rugs are full of geometric shapes and designs that pull a room together. They also serve as the basis for your palette, letting you choose any accent colors or materials you’d like. In addition to rugs, you can also add natural accents, such as rustic polished wooden bowls.

Southwestern rugs are often made in areas where Native American and Spanish history overlapped. Their earth tone colors and designs make them a popular choice for rustic and western home decor. You can purchase southwestern rugs from Native American weavers or American companies, which supports the local economy and helps preserve the tradition of rug weaving. And, of course, you’ll be supporting the rich history of rugs made by Native Americans.