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George Scorsis is a Natural Fit for the Executive Chair at WeedMD

With a long history in the cannabis industry, George Scorsis Florida is a natural fit for the executive chair at WeedMD. In addition to his executive role, he also serves as the Executive Chairman of the Canadian Red Bull company. In addition to his involvement with WeedMD, he has a long history of volunteerism and charity work. His financial support for the Agincourt Food Bank is a testament to his dedication and hard work.

George Scorsis Florida

In the medical cannabis industry, George Scorsis is a leading force. He is the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc., which has a long history of working with businesses in a restricted market. His focus is on keeping people safe while they use cannabis. In Florida, he has opened 3 Cannabis Education Center dispensaries and has free 24-hour delivery. The business focuses on the needs of its clients and consumers, and he is passionate about delivering the best possible product.

In addition to being the CEO of Mettrum Wellness Corp., George Scorsis has experience in managing a variety of businesses. He was previously the President and CEO of Red Bull Canada, where he rebuilt the organization from a topographical point of view and developed it into a $150 million company. In addition, he worked closely with the government to develop rules for caffeinated beverages. Lastly, he worked for Mettrum Health Corp., where he molded the popular energy drinks MettrumTM and the OriginalsTM. These companies were sold for $430 M.

In addition to Liberty Health Sciences Inc., Scorsis is a leader in the medical cannabis industry. As the CEO of the Cannabis Education Center, he opened three dispensaries in Florida. His company provides free 24-hour delivery in Florida and offers many other amenities for consumers. In addition, his business is focused on providing the best customer experience possible. Its clients and consumers are the main priority of Liberty Health Sciences.

In addition to his current role, Scorsis is also a well-known leader in the medical cannabis industry. He is the Executive Chairman of Entourage Health Corp. and is a former President of Red Bull Canada. In his role, he restructured the company and expanded its revenue from $10 million to $150 million. In addition to his extensive knowledge of the industry, Scorsis also has extensive experience in developing companies.

Despite his extensive experience in the medical cannabis industry, Scorsis remains committed to making patients as safe as possible. His background in the cannabis industry also includes working with companies in the restricted market. In addition to opening three Florida dispensaries, he also provides free 24-hour delivery service. In addition to his commitment to the patients and clients, he has also helped several other businesses with their efforts to improve their products.

As the President of Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis brings his expertise in the medical cannabis industry. He has extensive experience in both the cannabis and alcohol industries, and has worked with businesses in both areas. He has made it easy for patients and clients to remain safe while using the drug, as well as created a corporate distribution model in a volatile market. His focus on these two markets has helped him achieve success in the industry.

As the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc, George Scorsis is a trusted leader in the medical cannabis sector. As the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, he has led the company to open three dispensaries in Florida. He has also been a prominent leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, he is the CEO of three dispensaries in Florida and has worked with other businesses in the restricted market. His attention to the consumer and client experience has helped him build a successful company.

The medical cannabis industry is a complex and complicated world. But a well-informed leader can make the difference between a successful business and a failed one. While a successful business can be lucrative, an effective cannabis dispensary can ensure that you get the right medication for the right patient. Moreover, a properly-run business is a smart investment. The company’s mission statement focuses on the needs of the consumer and client.